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Creative Marketing

We develop a marketing system customized for your business, and help you get market exposure and convert that to foot traffic!

Impactful Media

Whether you need a simple video or eye-catching motion graphics. We have the team & experience to get your product to market and revenue coming in!

Professional Consulting

We can help you plan for the seasons and help you convert your business to a more aggressive stance during slower times.

Creative Marketing

Using the Combination of Advertising, Marketing and Media to reach your Target Demographic


Marketing is about more than buying and preparing ads.  It’s knowing your market and knowing how those you market to consume media, and locating where they are on a daily basis.  It’s all about interacting with them in a way that adds value to the way the live.

Marketing allows companies to be more than ads, and it enables us to control how potential customers feel about our “brand.”   Your brand has an image, and this is how people think of your company and this can be the most important tool in our advertising and marketing arsenal.  As we prepare a plan to market your business, we will take you through proven steps and make sure that we:

  • Identify & Locate Your Target Market
  • Work with you to create a Brand Identity
  • Strategize Reaching Your Target Market
  • Create a Strategic Media Plan
  • Deploy a Graphics & Video Based Plan
  • Track your campaign’s effectiveness

Impactful Media

We know how to make the biggest bang with the bucks you’ve invested!



As a culture we view more and more video every year, and the content that we feature is becoming more and more important.  The average American adult now watches 6 hours of video every day.  As a media and consulting agency we feel it is extremely important for us to produce the highest quality content for our clients, because their potential clients expect it.


Our team includes professionals that have been making videos for close to 30 years and they have worked on projects all over the world on Ads and TV Shows and are skilled in not only capturing content, but in deploying it properly to each platform.  Skilled editors and motion graphics artists will give your project a “polish” that will let your media get noticed!

That is why 3 Peaks uses the latest equipment to be sure the media we produce is on par with the best media our clients will see on a daily basis:

  • 4K & 6K Digital Cinema Cameras
  • Gimbals, Sliders & Drones
  • Professional Audio & Lighting Rigs
  • 25+ Years of TV Ad & Motion Graphics Production

Professional Consulting

Where we help integrate Advertising, Marketing and Media

Professional Consulting

Sometimes, as a business owner, it’s good to go over ideas with a fellow business mind.  One who understands the combination of how design, media, web development, advertising and social media go together to create a brand image.  It is very important to use this image to attract our customers, and focus on who we are instead of what businesses may be doing around us.  Niche marketing is so important, because when we develop our niche we can create something very special in our community.


As businesses come into their own and understand position and brand identity.  They can use these, to carve a niche and gain customers and it will actually help those around them.  Each brand can, in fact, draw something unique to the area.  Instead of separate factions looking for a cut, we can be parts of an overall mosaic that creates the identity of a town that people love to visit, and even more will come!

The goal of a consultation is to figure out:

  • What is your company’s niche?
  • Does your branding match your niche?
  • How can you position your company for greatest reach?
  • Are there untapped market segments you can reach?
  • Is your use of current technology at its most efficient?
  • Could you leverage E-Commerce to extend your reach?

Social Media Services & Advertising

social media advertising and marketing

Social Media Marketing Tools

Marketing and advertising are all about putting the right content in front of the right person, and there are no platforms that enable this better than the social media platforms.  But not only are social media platforms great for reaching the correct possible clientele, they are also great for controlled contact with your clientele.  As a brand you can engage customers with your topics of choice, enabling you to put your best foot forward and control the narrative.

Social Media Usage

The sheer amount of people involved in social media is staggering, and as the old adage says, “you should advertise where your perspective customers are!”  If you are not currently engaged in a social media campaign putting advertising money into social media platforms, there are some statistics that will surely suggest that you do so in the near future.

  • Every month 1 billion+ people are active on Facebook/Instagram
  • YouTube has a monthly active user base of 2 billion worldwide
  • 8 of 10 Marketers consider YouTube their most effective marketing platform
  • 90% of US internet users 18-44 access YouTube
  • 50% of internet users over 75 access YouTube
  • Over 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube are watched DAILY!
  • YouTube has now surpassed network TV in viewership
  • 90% discover new products on YouTube

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